What is it?

A community of participants from past summer camp/youth trips to Saint Marc organized by the Mortel Foundation and its various partners.

The overarching Goals for the Alumni Network are:

  1. Growing and maintaining the community of alumni
  2. Promoting advocacy and awareness of Haiti and The Mortel High Hopes for Haiti Foundation’s schools
  3. Fundraising
  4. Partnership with Haiti and staying connected to Haitian students

Why join?

To keep you connected to other alumni and the The Mortel High Hopes for Haiti Foundation’s programs in Haiti while creating a forum to exchange ideas and advocate for the schools and children that you’ve grown fond of in your first-hand experience in Haiti! We’ll keep in touch throughout the year but will also convene annual meetings to be held in various locations including around Maryland and in Haiti.

How do I join?

Visit our Facebook page and join the private group on facebook. If you’re not on facebook and still want to join the Alumni Network, Contact Us. (Note: this private facebook group does not require you to ‘friend’ other members)

What do we do?

Annual Meeting

The annual meetings began in 2013 and occur every August in order to assess the tasks from the past year and to plan future projects for the alumni network.

Alumni Trips

Our first Alumni Trip took place in May 2015. Photos from this trip are shown below.

Where are they now?

Read about how Haiti has influenced other Alumni.

If you are interested in sharing your story, Contact us.