Literacy Program at Good Samaritans SchoolIn order to empower Haitians through education, The Mortel High Hopes for Haiti Foundation has established programs working in every level of schooling in Haiti- from primary school to adult education!


o    Our primary school: Les Bons Samaritains
o    Our preschool: Preschool
o    Our secondary school: College James Stine
o    Our adult education: Literacy program


Les Bons Samaritains/Good Samaritans

The Good Samaritans School opened its wrought iron gate on July 7, 2001, with a dedication ceremony and benediction by His Eminence, William Cardinal Keeler, Archbishop Emeritus of Baltimore. Contributions from Food for the Poor and private donors funded the construction of the three-story building.

Children enter the school at 5 years old and are offered the opportunity for a free education through the 6th grade, thanks to our sponsorship program. The students are given breakfast upon arrival and a substantial meal following classes. They are also provided with yearly physical and dental examinations on site.

At LBS, 27 faculty members teach the students with the guidance of the principal Mr. Robney Brunot. The rest of the LBS Staff includes four kindergarten teachers and one teacher for each class for 1st through 6th grade. We have an additional teacher for the library as well as support personnel for the school including two custodians and six workers in the kitchen. The Foundation is pleased that the School is the largest private employer in St. Marc.

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Preschool: Annex to Les Bons Samaritains

We noticed over the years at LBS that students who started school before the age of 5 had better overall performance than those who started at age 5 or 6. Therefore, consistent with our mission, we wanted to provide the opportunity to best equip our students to succeed. Preschool classes began in the Fall of 2015 with 200 three and four years olds and these kids continue their education at LBS when they enter Kindergarten. Sponsorship for preschoolers is the same as for students at LBS.

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College James Stine

College James M. Stine welcomed its first students on October 3, 2011. The school offers quality secondary education to young women and men from around the region, including LBS graduates.

The Mortel Foundation board of directors entered into a 20-year contract with the Clercs de St. Viateur, a religious congregation of priests and brothers, to direct the James Stine College. The Montreal-based religious order began their responsibilities July 1, 2011.

The congregation appoints the principal who is responsible for recruiting the faculty and staff for the school. The principal also resides over the school administrative board.

The school building currently has 20 classrooms with the capacity to serve up to 800 students.
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Literacy Program

Literacy Program at Good Samaritans SchoolTo address the high illiteracy rate in Haiti, an adult literacy program was established in 2002. Adult literacy classes are provided for men and women Monday through Friday over a three year cycle. Admission is offered to men and women from the community with a priority given to the parents of LBS students.

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