Lisa and Marcus

Our hopes for Haiti grow higher each year having supported the students of Les Bon Samaritans School over the past decade.

We visited St. Marc in 2014 witnessing the dedication, determination, and enthusiasm of everyone at the schools. We saw students line up at the gates near dawn each morning eager to learn and we were inspired by their desire to learn.

As the Mortel Foundation opened James Stine College, Cardinal Keeler Trade School, the adult literacy school, and a preschool; our hopes grew higher.

Receiving our sponsored students’ photos and report cards is always exciting at our house.  Our seven year old daughter enjoys seeing how the students have grown when she replaces last year’s pictures on our dining room wall with their fresh faces. We like to compare report card subjects between our Alaskan second grader and her Haitian “brothers and sisters”. Seeing their growth and progress our hopes grow higher.

Our donations simply give the children an opportunity to learn.  The students earn their education through their own efforts with the support of their teachers.  The knowledge, skills, and discipline that they develop are portable and lasting, traveling with the students wherever they may go in the future. We know that Haiti’s future is brighter with these students.    

– Lisa and Marcus G., Alaska, 8/11/2016


Here are a few photos of Lisa and I visiting Les Bons Samaritans and James Stine.  We brought some maps and photos of Alaska to a few classrooms and Dr. Mortel and the Jallons helped with translation. We also got to meet with our sponsored students and give them cards and photos of our family in Alaska. We aren’t the most photogenic folks especially midwinter coming from Alaska, but the students’ radiate energy, enthusiasm, and curiosity at all times which hopefully the photos convey. – Marcus