We are so excited to announce that we have expanded our school to include pre-school. The first pre-school class will begin this September. We will have 100 three-year-olds and 100 four-year-olds. The 200 students have been hand-selected from the poorest areas in and around Saint Marc to get a head start on education. This 2-year preschool program will feed directly into the Good Samaritans school, starting in kindergarten.

We’ve noticed over the years at LBS that as the students get older, there is a gap in their performance relative to those who started school before the age of five. It is with this analysis in mind that we wanted to provide an opportunity to better equip our students to succeed alongside their peers.

While we are so excited that we can offer this valuable resource to the parents and children of Haiti, each and every one of these young students needs to be sponsored! Sponsorship for these students will be $350 a year, just like the Good Samaritans school.

We are counting on you to help support these new pre-schoolers so that they may have the amazing opportunity of a quality education.

Sponsor a pre-schooler today!