Status of Electricity in Haiti

We use electricity so routinely in the United States that we almost don’t realize how reliant we are on it. You flip a switch and the light comes on, 24/7. Haiti doesn’t have this luxury. Only about one-quarter of the Haitian population has access to electricity and of these, half are connected to the electrical grid illegally (USAID 2017). The reliability of this electrical grid is also inconsistent, requiring businesses, schools, and homes, to implement other systems—generators, solar, or most often, nothing, remaining in the dark once the sun goes down.

 We at the Mortel HHH Foundation are lucky enough to have an electrical system at the Good Samaritans school & James Stine College that is not limited to the intermittent offerings of the grid. We have a generator at the Good Samaritans school that you helped us purchase last November. Now, with our new preschool building down the street, we face a similar predicament and hope that we can once again rely on your help.

 This Giving Tuesday, we’re hoping to raise $7,000 to purchase 10 solar panels to place on the rooftop of the preschool building which will provide power to our newest school and youngest students. This goal will cover the panels as well as everything required for installation and operation.

 Will you help us reach our goal? Giving Tuesday is November 28th and every dollar donated that day will be matched to help us light up the preschool!

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