We are thrilled to celebrate 20 years of the mission of our organization—that of empowering poor Haitians through education.

When we created the Mortel Family Charitable Foundation in 1997, we never dreamed of the positive impact and growth that we see today. From breaking ground for our first school in 2000 to watching our first high school graduates start university studies a year ago, it has been an incredible journey so far. Our growth this year includes the completion of our preschool building and moving into our new office space in Harrisburg, PA. It feels good to give the Foundation a local home where we can continue the work ahead.

As we continue to grow and look to the future, we anticipate an era of steady progress toward the realization of our vision. During the next 20 years, alumni of Les Bons Samaritains school will occupy leadership positions in universities and in the Haitian government. A number of them will return to our school system to share with their least fortunate brothers and sisters the lessons they have learned and the values they have acquired during their ascension.

We thank God for His blessings and guidance. We are grateful to all of you who have supported us morally and financially from day one. We hope you’ll continue to accompany us on the road ahead but for now, we say thank you for 20 years and may God bless you! ~ Dr. Rod Mortel