I was in Haiti

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Day 1: Simplicity

By: Grant Today was filled with fatigue, excitement and awe. It all started with the 6 am flight which meant we had to travel through the dead of night. Nobody really expected to be so awestruck when we were driving through Haiti because of how tired we were, but once we entered the country and were exposed to the culture and lifestyle of the Haitians, I knew this trip was going to be well worth […]

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2014 Photo Contest Winners

And the winner is… First Place Winner – Sarah Morsheimer                 Second Place Winner – Thomas Fox                 Third Place Winner – Evan Zimmer             How were the winners chosen? Three different photographers were selected as judges for the 1st High Hopes for Haiti Photo Contest. Of the 50 valid photo entries, the top 16 were […]

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Never Too Young!

Do you ever find yourself saying, “I wish I could do more for Haiti, but I’m too busy.” or “I’m too young.” or “I live too far away.” Or “I don’t have any money.” Or any other reason to fill in the blank? Meredith Arterburn, a 12 year old from Ellicott City, has been sponsoring a student at the Good Samaritans school in Haiti for the past 3 years—since she was 9 years old! Every […]

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A surreal opportunity

By: Madi Carzon Archbishop Spalding High School There is something surreal about opportunities. Sometimes they present themselves boldly and are the kind that you cannot overlook. But other opportunities are so subtle that you must recognize them. And these are the opportunities that may be the most valuable. Being chosen to attend the mission trip in Haiti at the Good Samaritan school was a bold opportunity that I could not pass up. This was an […]

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Continuing my service

By: Gabrielle Mrozek Archbishop Spalding high School The first thing I learned from my trip to Haiti is that some of the best things that happen to a person start with them being just a little bit scared. I remember feeling overwhelmed walking out of the airport in Port Au Prince, and being slightly swarmed by a crowd of people. Then we met a man named Gerald, and the second he said “welcome to Haiti,” […]

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