July 15-22, 2017

Evan R.

All I could find myself thinking about on the flight home was “what more can I do” and that feeling has not subsided since I got back to the US. In one week, I felt like the experience did more to touch me personally and would encourage anyone who wishes to challenge their view on the world to go to Haiti and try to not be touched by what is around you. Somehow, the Haitian people have the ability to look past the hardship present in their own lives and to be happy.


Torrie B.

This past week has been eye opening, inspiring, and humbling to say the least. The people I was able to meet have truly given me more than I could have ever given them.


Sydney M.

While most citizens of Haiti do not have a lot of money, they have the most important things: love, hope, and laughter. They show love in their daily lives and their actions, they hope for the future, and laugh to bring joy to each other’s lives. Looking back at the trip and all that I have learned I have a new outlook on my place in the world. It isn’t to do some gesture that makes you feel better about yourself. It is about being there for the people you care about and for being open minded to new people and new ideas.


Trinity W.

As we walk off the returning flight I knew with conviction that this is not the end. One day I hope to return with much more to offer than a suitcase and a smile.