Adeline started at the Good Samaritans School when she was 5 years old as the 1st student to ever be recruited for our schools. She now works at our preschool!


Her mother died when Adeline was 2 and her father, an alcoholic abandoned her. Adeline’s neighbor took her in and gave her a place to live. After attending Les Bons Samaritain, Adeline went to a public high school in St. Marc and in 10th grade began helping at a pre-school in town. She assisted the students in the mornings (singing and teaching both the alphabet and counting) and attended high school in the afternoons. Adeline started working as an aide in the Mortel Foundation pre-school when it opened in the Fall of 2015. She continues with her own education with the hopes of becoming a teacher in the future. Adeline is a success-our Mission in action!