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Mortel FoundationThe Mortel Family Charitable Foundation was founded in 1997 to serve the poorest of the poor in Haiti. It is the first organization in the US that is involved in every level of education and schooling in Haiti. Founded by a Haitian, the Mortel Foundation started with a primary school and has grown over the past decade to include a secondary school, a vocational school and an adult literacy program.

Map of St. Marc, Haiti. Good Samaritans School and James Stine College are both located in St. Marc.Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere and one of the poorest countries in the world. It is approximately the same size as the state of Maryland with nearly double its population. More than 80% of Haitians live below the international poverty line of $2/day.


Empower through Education.
Education in HaitiEducation is an invaluable tool needed to create a brighter future. Speaking from his own Haitian childhood experience, Dr. Rodrigue Mortel notes that, “Empowering the Haitian people with education is the most effective means for them to overcome the barriers that prevent them from achieving a self-sufficient and productive life.” Students who attend the Good Samaritans School and James Stine College gain a quality education as well as a spiritual formation that prepares them to become compassionate leaders for Haiti’s future.

Did you know?

  • For more than a decade, the Mortel Foundation has been able to plant seeds of hope by building schools, providing meals, and health care to the poorest of Haiti’s children in the Saint Marc region.
  • HighHopesforHaiti.org is one of the ways that the Mortel Foundation provides opportunities for people in the US to connect with Haitians through sponsorship and exchange programs. With your help, we’ve been able to support and educate more than 1000 students over the past 12 years!
  • The Mortel Foundation is the first US-based organization to work in every level of education in Haiti- from primary to adult education!

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